Welcome to the “2014 Jacquie Schlitter Race Across America site.”  This is where you can follow Jacquie in her quest to conquer the toughest bicycle race in the world.  June 10 is right around the corner and Jacquie knows there is no time to waste as she prepares for the bicycle race of her life.  This year RAAM may field the largest number of female riders in its history.  Finishing this 3000 mile non-stop race is considered a monumental feat.  Crossing the finish line first against the largest field ever is epic.  Jacquie hopes to be a major player in this race.  

“I never go to just finish a race. I go to win every time,” Jacquie Schlitter.  Indeed she does and often times she will.  The ride of choice is  state of the art recumbent racers.  Recumbents in RAAM are a recent trend and have especially made a big impact in the overall women’s division.  Barbara Buatois, holder of the women’s world  speed record at Battle Mountain, won the event in 2010wheel12 on a recumbent and Maria Parker won riding a Cruzbike recumbent last year in what is being called the most amazing comeback in RAAM history.  Time will tell what will happen this year but one thing is for sure; the recumbent nation will unite to cheer Jacquie all the way to Annapolis.  You are welcome to do likewise.  Follow Jacquie’s progress on this site and interact with us on her RAAM Facebook page (link is on footer).